NEUS Full Discography

 Hi, i’m NEUS, a 23 old producer.
I’ve a message for you, so please take attention to it.

I decided today to upload my songs in a big one folder,
to give access to the people who can’t buy it, who likes free stuff (or don’t like itunes).

You will find there all my remixes, releases, mixtapes and some unreleased stuff.

It’s been now 4 or 5 years that i’m making music,
and i still give all i can for make this project
one of the best thing i ever done in my life.

The point is that i need your help to spread it to the world,
cause i would like to make that being
(over a lot of shitty hype and overated famous artists)
that’s the only thing i ask that you can send me in return.

My life is turning all around this, without the music i’m nothing,
so you can make it real and keep this project alive.

The best thing you can do is to share this folder all around the world, (blogs, forums..),
to make your friends discover about NEUS,
to like/share the facebook page if you wanna give support and get the last news.

I think about all the people like me, who have dreams,
who wants to travel the world and to live by passion.
Keep doing what you do like, don’t stop dreaming because if you trust in something,
everything is possible..


Download NEUS Full Discography


Love him ♥